About Dee by Design


‘’A home is one that incorporates the client's emotional and practical needs and desires.”

“These need to be given full expression.”

“To ignore or omit this is to abandon the self-interest of the client.’’

"To be a designer, one needs to balance creativity with the client's personality"

Proudly unique, Dee is an accomplished woman in the construction industry. She is knowledgeable and experienced in project management as well as being passionate about design.

Dee is an expert negotiator accustomed to working in stressful environments. She recognises that people are diverse in their approach and have different requirements, needs and desires and that each project is subject to different influences and challenges from both internal and external elements.

Dee has honed her skills to ensure the design solutions fit the challenge, projects are completed on time and on budget, and best of all she takes pride in ensuring clients have a smooth experience, without surprises.

A Brief History.

After taking a lead role in the planning of a small renovation to the family home at the humble age of 10 years old, it was clear that Dee was destined for a future in property.

Dee's journey over the last 3 decades has seen her involved in many high profile projects in locations in New South Wales and South East QLD.

Her journey continued after leaving school when she undertook her own property development project funded by day jobs and later her own businesses. Moving from one property to the next, Dee's talent and ambition took her from simple suburban homes to prime Sydney Harbour real estate.

While establishing a new Real Estate Agency, Dee continued to engage with owners to assist in the design and project management of their home constructions and renovations in prestigious Sydney locations.

Sydney Harbour presented unique challenges including unique sites and public input. Commentary could come from residents from up to 6 different suburbs so Dee dealt with stake-holders putting forward their comments as to what was being built, entitlements to views, the shape and size of the project and much more. Honing her negotiation and problem-solving skills and spending time in the Land and Environment Court, Dee also worked with local authorities and councils, navigating local area planning to ensure projects were approved. With an intricate understanding of the research and documentation required for high profile areas, Dee welcomes any challenges presented to her.

Moving forward a decade (or two), Dee now resides on the sunny Gold Coast and continues to service clients in New South Wales and Queensland with more experience and passion than ever.

Sustainability has always been a priority for Dee and she ensures all projects are undertaken with respect for the surrounding environment and people.

Start Your Journey Today.

Dee by Design offers specialised consulting services for all projects, however big or small. Give Dee a call or submit an enquiry to arrange an obligation-free assessment.

Would you like to see more of Dee's previous work? To many, a home is private and personal, so Dee doesn't share completed projects without the client's approval. Let Dee know if you have any specific requests and she will do her best to provide relevant examples and information for your project.


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